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Torchlight was founded on the principles of free enterprise, innovation and the pursuit of happiness. We got our start in the wake of economic recession by two very dedicated individuals wanting to make a difference. In the midst of a terrible time for small businesses in the United States, two young men refused to see the American dream be laid to rest. Where many people saw disparity, our founders saw opportunity. They grasped a vision and found their potential to start a hometown advertising company that, just a few years later, would be on the forefront of the industry.


Over the past several years Torchlight has expanded from working exclusively with local companies to providing innovative advertising solutions for small & medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and other organizations looking to communicate with people and expand their sphere of influence. Torchlight is in the business of connecting people to one another in order to spread messages that bring influence and inspiration to the world. Whatever your goals or aspirations – whatever success means to you – we have what it takes to light your way there.

Torchlight is lighting the way to success for individuals and organizations by leveraging today’s technology to connect, influence and inspire people.


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